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MediCinema is supported by many well-known organisations from both within and beyond the entertainment industry.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all these organisations and individuals for their generous financial support and/or donation of their services in 2015-16.

Our Patrons

MediCinema is supported by a long list of famous faces from the film industry.

We appreciate all the support from the film industry and in particular our celebrity patrons who make such a difference to our wonderful charity


Medical Support

MediCinema has two valued and experienced members of the health profession (Dame Christine Beasley and Professor Alan Maryon-Davis) on its Board supporting and ensuring that the health benefits of the service continue to be at the heart of all we do.

In addition, we continue to draw on the experience and strategic input of experts in their field and are working with the support of Sir Hugh Taylor, Chairman of Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, to convene a group to support this advisory to the Board of Trustees. In our day to day work, MediCinema receives multiple requests for support from MediCinema in health care settings across the country and abroad, and receive a wide array of support from the medical and caring profession, of which below are a handful:

I strongly support this initiative. A cinema is an extraordinarily compelling medium and its greater availability in hospital would do much to enrich the lives of patients and would help relieve boredom and encourage and facilitate mental interest.

- Professor Anthony Clare, 'Psychiatrist in the Chair' and Medical Director, St James Hospital

I believe this innovative scheme has the potential to bring important health benefits to patients, particularly in the recovery phase of their hospital stay.

- Dr. Alan Maryon Davis FRSH, former Chair, Royal Institute of Public Health

Young patients with painful conditions or experiencing unpleasant treatment effects often find theses more trouble-some when they have little to take their minds off physical sensations. Distraction is a successful coping strategy in these circumstances and I can think of no better distraction for many people than an engrossing film.

- Laura Thomlinson, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Paediatrics, St Thomas' Hospital

Your cinema project adds an extra dimension, offering a positive and therapeutic diversion from the often depressing experience of illness. The opportunity for patients to arrange a cinema visit provides interaction with other ward patients and nursing staff and a topic of conversation unrelated to health problems.

- Dr. Vincent McCann, Consultant Physician, Royal Perth Hospital

The Trust is delighted with this innovative approach to improving the quality of the stay in hospital for patients and we are pleased to host the first MediCinema in the country at St Thomas' Hospital.

- Dr. Jonathan Michael, former Chief Executive of Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital Trust

The MediCinema at Headley Court is a fantastic facility which is enjoyed by all patients undergoing rehabilitation, some of whom have suffered severe life changing injuries. The MediCinema provides patients with the opportunity to forget their surroundings, their injuries and their concerns for a short time whilst they relax and immerse in the latest blockbuster in a safe and secure environment. I can not emphasise enough how valuable the facility is in providing an escape for patients whilst they undergo their intensive rehabilitation programme which undoubtedly contributes to the patients’ recovery.

- Surgeon Captain P A Hughes FRCGP RN, Commanding Officer, DMRC Headley Court

MediCinema would like to extend our thanks to the NHS Trusts, Hospitals, and charities we currently work with, as well as the MoD team at Headley Court

  • St. Thomas' Hospital London
  • Guy's Hospital London
  • Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
  • King's College London
  • Guy's & St Thomas' Charity
  • Friends of St Thomas' Hospital
  • Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS Trust
  • Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow
  • Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow
  • Glasgow Children's Charity
  • The Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Royal Victoria Infirmary Newcastle
  • Ministry of Defence & the Defence Military Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court
  • Aneurin Bevan Health Board & the Serennu Centre
  • Sparkle (South Gwent Children's Foundation)
  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • CW+ Charity

And the many Trusts and hospitals and places of care we are in discussion with regarding extending the MediCinema service to support their patients