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Christmas Appeal 2016!

Robert was the happiest we’ve ever seen him. This change of mood and positivity is infectious and we can already see the big difference this is making.”


                                                                                                     Ruth, Senior Charge Nurse


This December, we are asking our supporters to help us raise £5,000 so we can continue to make a real difference to the lives of some of the UK’s sickest children and adults.


At just 31 years old, Robert has been in the Intensive Therapy Unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow since May. He suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and was admitted to ITU following a bout of pneumonia so severe his heart stopped for two minutes.


Robert was fitted with a life-saving tracheostomy and ventilator but the experience left him feeling extremely anxious and afraid to leave the ward. He found it difficult to move around and his self-confidence plummeted.


After four months Robert was still in ITU. He hadn’t left the ward once.


Luckily, however, one of Robert’s nurses knew about the hospital’s MediCinema and after some gentle persuasion by the cinema manager, Sheila, she convinced Robert to give it a go. She felt it would give him something to look forward to and hopefully ease his troubles.


And she was right!


Robert explains: “Seeing a film after spending so long in hospital was quite an experience.  It was also wonderful to spend time with my parents as a family like we would do had I been at home. It brought a sense of normality back into my life and I am very much looking forward to repeating the experience! Thank you very much for the opportunity to make being in hospital a little more bearable.”


Robert’s mum Eunice was also delighted by the experience:


“It meant a lot to us as parents to see our son smile again after such a long time stuck in ITU. It gives us a chance to do something together as a family that isn’t hospital related and is a little bit of normality in what is going to be a long on-going struggle back to health for our son.“I hope everyone will support the Christmas Appeal because without MediCinema, Robert’s stay in hospital would be so much harder – for him and the whole family. Thank you.”


It costs £12 to give one patient a night at the movies. Please click here to donate £12, or whatever you can afford, to give the gift of film to sick children and adults, like Robert. Thank you.