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On August 3rd 2015 our brand new Yorkhill MediCinema was officially opened with a red-carpet premiere style event showing Minions in 3D!


An incredible amount of work went into this opening from many of our wonderful partners, as well as our dedicated Yorkhill MediCinema Manager Sheila, as our original MediCinema was moved from its old location inside Yorkhill’s Children’s Hospital where it had been since 2007.

The new Yorkill MediCinema is located within the Royal Hospital for Children which sits on the new Southern General Campus which is one of the largest acute hospitals in the UK. The new campus is made up predominantly of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital for Adults, and The Royal Hospital for Children which replaces the Royal Hospital for Sick Kids at Yorkhill, the Southern General Hospital, the Western and Victoria infirmaries and the Mansionhouse Unit. Operated by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, it incorporates two accident and emergency departments, one for adults and one for children, a maternity hospital, and state-of-the-art laboratory services


MediCinema and Yorkhill Children’s Charity have partnered to bring this latest enhancement to the hospital, and it will allow children and adult patients to enjoy the magic of MediCinema through the latest film releases! The new cinema will have 47-seats, and can also comfortably accommodate six wheelchairs and around five hospital beds, ensuring as many patients as possible are able to enjoy the experience.

The new Yorkhill MediCinema was made possible by Yorkhill Children’s Charity who donated £250k towards the overall project, along with committing £30k in running costs for the children’s screenings. We were also incredibly lucky that a number of long term and extremely generous supporters made up the other half through donations and pro bono work.


Kat Mason, our chief executive said “MediCinema offers vital support for patients, their families and carers in hospital and provides an invaluable space for patients to escape the isolation of their wards, spending time with their loved ones during a difficult time in their lives. We are pleased to be able to partner with Yorkhill Children’s Charity to bring this wonderful service to patients and their families”


The Yorkhill MediCinema is the only one of its kind in Scotland and outside of cinema hours it will be used as a conference facility for the hospital, a theatre, and also a hub for storytelling and music groups during the day to provide patients with entertainment and education.


Kirsten Sinclair, director of fundraising, Yorkhill Children’s Charity, said: “The MediCinema will make a vital difference to the lives of young patients, providing them with welcome stimulation and allowing families the chance to spend time together enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures.


“For Yorkhill Children’s Charity, partnering with MediCinema represents an important project and shows the continued commitment we have to improving the lives of families across Scotland.


Andrew Robertson, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Chairman, said: “We have greatly enjoyed our partnership with both the MediCinema and Yorkhill Children’s Charity on this project. With the NHS having built this wonderful new hospital and provided the infrastructure for the MediCinema we are very grateful to both charities for their tremendous support in the installation and ongoing provision of this fantastic and much loved amenity for our patients.”


We look forward to updating you all in the future about our wonderful new Yorkhill MediCinema!