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Extra Special Screenings

MediCinema is all about giving patients and their families the chance to have a break from life in hospital and all that goes with it, but some patients can’t come to our regular screenings.


Patients with a greater risk of infection, such as those with cystic fibrosis (a condition which causes mucus to build up in the lungs and other areas) and patients with supressed immune systems (such as cancer patients awaiting a transplant) simply can’t mix with other patients, while patients in intensive care require almost constant care and attention. Being confined to their own rooms or in an ICU only exacerbates feelings of boredom and isolation. For these patients, the reasons they cannot come to a regular MediCinema screening cause them to need the escapism of MediCinema even more.


In 2015 our Yorkhill MediCinema moved with Yorkhill Hospital to a new super hospital in Glasgow. While the MediCinema manager there was getting to know the staff and spreading the word about our service, she began receiving requests from nurses for patients who couldn’t come to regular screenings to have a way to experience MediCinema. The solution? She decided to set up special private screenings for such patients, and they have been so successful that we are now expanding private screenings to all our MediCinemas.


So far in 2017, we have run 44 private screenings for patients who are unable to come to regular screenings. Through these screenings we’ve been able to give patients, including those receiving palliative care, a much-needed sense of normality and the chance to simply have fun with their families. For a number of families, a private screening at MediCinema has been the last time they were able to relax with their loved one in a non-medical environment and enjoy doing something normal together.


For some families, the problem isn’t that the patient cannot attend a screening, but that the whole family can’t go together. When Pamela Sinclair had to stay in hospital for six weeks following complications from a caesarean section, it became very difficult for her to spend quality time with her older son, Damien, so much so that her husband, Derek, said:


‘Our family was almost torn apart.’


They couldn’t go to a regular MediCinema screening together because as an adult patient, Pamela could only attend adult screenings. We arranged an extra private screening for them to see a children’s film together. Afterwards, Damien said:


‘Today we got to watch a movie together. I’m happy because I’ve not spent time with Mum in a long time – I was able to do that today.’


We are mostly able to run these screenings at no extra cost as patients bring their own nurses and cinema managers run them within normal working hours, and it is thanks to our supporters in the film industry that we are able to run them at all. Thank you so much to everyone who has enabled us to make these screenings happen. The value they add for patients and their families is undeniable: the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive, and many have commented on how special it has been to be able to go to the cinema together at such a difficult time. We look forward to running many more private screenings in all our hospital MediCinemas, bringing the joy and escapism of the cinema to those who need it most.