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what we do

MediCinema builds, installs and runs state-of-the-art cinemas in hospitals and places of care, giving patients and their families the magic and joy of a night at the movies together.

How we help

MediCinema brings the real benefits of cinematherapy to patients and their families throughout the UK.

We do this by building, installing and running state-of-the-art cinemas in hospitals and other places of care. Our MediCinemas are fully equipped with the latest technology, including Dolby surround sound, RealD 3D technology and large silver screens, and we use the same architects and suppliers as those used by mainstream cinemas so they look and feel like any other cinema. Thanks to the support of the film industry, we show current releases so patients don’t have to miss out on seeing the latest blockbusters just because they are in hospital. Many patients comment that this helps break the ice with friends when they visit, as it gives them something other than their condition to talk about.

Our cinemas are as much built for a healthcare setting as they are to give a fully immersive cinema experience. No-matter if a patient is in a wheelchair, attached to a drip or even unable to leave their bed, we are able to welcome them, and to ensure their safety throughout the film, we hire two NHS nurses for every screening. Thanks to the support of our donors, our screenings are completely free for all patients and their families.


Where we work

We have six MediCinemas which are located in health facilities throughout the UK. Through these we run 21 screenings a week, and in 2017 we delivered 23,700 cinema experiences to patients and their families.

By 2025 we plan to double the number of MediCinema sites and triple the annual number of people we reach.

Our current six MediCinema sites are as follows:

  • MediCinema in St. Thomas' Hospital, London
  • MediCinema in the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle
  • Yorkhill MediCinema in Southern General Hospital, Glasgow
  • MediCinema at the Serennu Children's Centre, Newport
  • ICAP MediCinema in Guy's Hospital, London
  • CW+ MediCinema in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

*The Ministry of Defence has recently moved the Defence Military Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) Headley Court (the site of the Royal British Legion MediCinema) to a new site at Stanford Hall, Loughborough. We hope to open a MediCinema in the new DMRC once the clinical facility is fully settled and an appropriate site for the MediCinema has been agreed.


St Thomas' Hospital has a reputation for clinical, teaching and research excellence.

It is part of one of the largest hospital trusts in the country with over 1 million patient contacts every year. St Thomas' is also home to the Evelina Children's hospital, which treats over 100,000 seriously ill children every year.
Seats : 100*
Beds : 6
Wheelchairs : 6

*Our MediCinema in St Thomas’ Hospital is currently being refurbished. Once this work is completed it will have 160 seats.

Contact: Cinema Manager and Assistant Manager
Nicola Hill and Glenn Lawrence
T: 020 7188 36 96 (St. Thomas')
T: 020 7188 36 97 - request extension 55211 (Guy's)



The Newcastle RVI has been providing healthcare to the communities of Newcastle and the North East for over 250 years. As part of the Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the healthcare services they provide range from emergency medicine to a pioneering burns unit and an innovative dermatology unit.

Several departments at the RVI are officially designated regional centres of expertise. Some enjoy international reputations, like the Neurosciences Centre, which treats people with illnesses affecting the nervous system, including the brain and the spinal cord and The Great North Children's Hospital (GNCH) which is one of only 14 major children’s medical centres in the UK.
Seats : 54
Beds : 2
Wheelchairs : 2

Contact: RVI MediCinema Manager
Joss Spires
T: 0191 2823760



Our MediCinema at Southern General opened in July 2015, after moving from its original place within Yorkhill Children’s Hospital, and is one of the latest additions to the MediCinema Family.

Our original MediCinema operated within Yorkhill Children’s Hospital for 8 years, until June 2015 when we closed the doors for the final time and moved our MediCinema to the new campus where we will screen for both adults and children.

The new campus replaces the Royal Hospital for Sick Kids at Yorkhill, the Southern General Hospital, the Western and Victoria infirmaries and the Mansionhouse Unit. Operated by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, it incorporates two accident and emergency departments, one for adults and one for children, a maternity hospital, and state-of-the-art laboratory services.

Seats : 47
Beds : 5
Wheelchairs : 6

Contact: Yorkhill MediCinema Manager
Sheila Hay Pacifico
T: 0141 452 4303 Ext 84303



The Serennu Children's Centre is an integrated, holistic children’s centre which provides services to children and young people with a disability or developmental difficulty between the ages of 0 and 18. The centre is purpose-built to allow children with complex disabilities to receive treatment, care, information and consultation all under one roof, eliminating the need to travel to numerous care facilities.

The centre also acts as a support network for the whole family unit, enabling them to socialise together through a range of leisure facilities, which include a wheelchair sports area and swimming pool as well as the MediCinema.

Seats : 51
Wheelchairs : 8

Contact for families and film club: Sparkle Family Liaison Officer
Jayne Jones
T: 01633 748128

Contact for general information:
Paul Giggal
T: 020 7188 3697



Guy’s Hospital, part of the Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, is one of London’s best-known teaching hospitals.

Counted among the UK's busiest and most successful foundation trusts, it has a long history of clinical excellence and high quality care. Together with St. Thomas’ Hospital, Guy’s Hospital provides a full range of hospital services to local communities in the London boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham, with specialist services for patients from further afield, including home to an advanced centre for cancer diagnosis and treatment which will create a hub for cancer services in South East London.

Seats : 37
Wheelchairs : 7

The MediCinema was generously funded through ICAP’s famous Charity Day, which sees 100% of revenues and commissions generated on just one day of trading donated to charities each year, and by Guy's and St. Thomas' Charity.

Contact: Cinema Manager and Assistant Manager
Nicola Hill and Glenn Lawrence
T: 020 7188 36 96 (St. Thomas')
T: 0020 7188 7188 - request extension 55211 (Guy's)



Chelsea and Westminster is one of the leading hospitals in the UK and treats more than 360,000 patients a year.

MediCinema has partnered with CW+, the hospital’s charity, to bring the CW+ MediCinema to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Together our aim is to delight thousands of patients of all ages through the magic of film and bring families separated by illness together through an enjoyable shared experience. Our CW+ MediCinema also acts as a centre for CW+'s music, dance and theatre projects, along with providing a centre for training the next generation of doctors in life-saving surgery and care.

Seats : 40
Beds : 4
Wheelchairs : 4

Contact : CW+MediCinema Manager
Simon Hickson
T: 020 3315 3826 (ex. 53826)


The Difference We Make

In July we trialled a new way of evaluating our service across our five hospital sites. For a two week period we asked everyone who came to a MediCinema screening to complete a questionnaire and received 133 responses. We repeated the evaluation in December when we received 175 responses.

The following are taken from our December results:

93% believe MediCinema helps to improve wellbeing
‘It was the opportunity to be humanised again; because it’s a condition you can so easily lose, when you are in pain and when you are alone. Being able to go to a cinema, it’s a wonderful experience.’
Giorgio, a patient in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

93% believe MediCinema helps to reduce anxiety and stress
‘I tend to get really worked up before hospital visits. I’m worried and scared of what the doctors might tell me so to be able to escape for a bit is such a marvellous thing. MediCinema provides comfort, escape and a psychological uplift to patients like me.’
Jeri, an outpatient at Guy’s Hospital, London

95% believe MediCinema helps to reduce isolation
‘The MediCinema has a real family feel. Everyone there has their own struggles, but in the cinema we’re all there together as one community. Sometimes talking to other cinema-goers or the volunteers can be the first regular adult conversation you’ve had all week.’
Shona, mum of Alistair, a patient in the Royal Hospital for Children, part of Southern General Hospital, Glasgow

95% believe attending MediCinema helps to give people a sense of normality in hospital
'The cinema has made him remember he is a normal happy boy who is just going through a crisis in hospital. It's allowed him to remember he can have fun, that he does have a life outside of hospital and that he is a normal lad. Thank you.'
Lucy, mum of 11-year-old Leo, a patient in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

96% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, 'Going to MediCinema gives me something to look forward to'
‘I saw a MediCinema poster and it was like a shining light. It gave me something to look forward to. It's motivated me and made me feel like I can get better.’
Kai, a patient in St Thomas’ Hospital, London

98% believe attending MediCinema helps to improve the hospital for patients, visitors and staff
‘After 18 months visiting various hospitals and my current three weeks bed rest looking at the ceiling and the same four walls, this is fabulous. I can’t remember the last time I ‘went out’ and I cannot thank you enough for this experience.’
Kathryn, a patient in the Royal Victoria infirmary, Newcastle

94% agree or strongly agree with the statement 'MediCinema makes me feel better'
‘My condition means I have low blood pressure, and the other day after coming back from the MediCinema, it was at a normal level when they took it. The nurse commented that I must have had a great time down there! It just makes me feel better.’
Stacey, a patient in St Thomas’ Hospital, London

100% would recommend MediCinema to others
‘I came back to the ward singing the cinema’s praises and telling the other patients all about it. This was a good way to chat to other patients as well as we talked about our favourite films.’
Anne, a patient in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

We will continue to run these surveys twice a year – keep an eye on the News section of our website for our latest results.


Our Patients and Families

MediCinema is all about the people we help – the patients living with illness and the families caring for them. We’re grateful to every patient who shares their inspiring story with us.


our team


Kezia Williams, Chair - Managing Director, UK, Film at Entertainment One

Michael Burbidge - Deputy Chair and Treasurer, Manager EY

Lawrence Atkinson - CEO of The DDA Group

Stephen Bristow - Partner, Saffrey Champness

Paul Hoy - Director of Sales and Distribution at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Crispin Lilly - Former CEO, Everyman Media Group

Simon Morritt - Chief Executive York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Honorary Board Members

Sir Ian Cheshire (Founder Chairman and Honorary Chair of MediCinema’s Ambassadors) - Former Chairman of Barclays UK; Chair of the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund, former Government Lead Non-Executive and non-executive member of the Cabinet Office Board; former Group CEO Kingfisher Plc

Christine Hill MBE (Founder) - Founder and Honorary President

Head Office Staff

Colin Lawrence - Chief Executive Officer

Paul Giggal - Chief Operating Officer

Lysette Cohen - Director of Communications

Sylvia Hallahan – Senior Partnerships Manager

Beth Keane - Operations Manager

Mabs Rahman - Fundraising Manager

Cinema Team

Nicola Hill – Cinema Manager, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, London

Sheila Hay Pacifico – Cinema Manager, Southern General Hospitals, Glasgow

Joss Spires - Cinema Manager, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle

Simon Hickson – Cinema Manager, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London